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The freelancer you’re looking for might be someone you know. They’re likely someone that lives in your community, so you may know them or you will feel safe because other people in the area know who they are and such.

Maximum Flexibility

Hiring freelancers on Cretello is a better alternative because you’ll always have just the right amount of manpower. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a much larger one, you get the exact manpower you need.

An App to Imagine, Ready to Serve

Here’s the app for you, Printer, Artists, Graphic Designer, Photographer,

Marketers and lots more. All in one phone. Just set your Location, tap a button, and get a freelancer nearby. Negotiate Price, Get the Best Price.

With Cretello Everything is possible.

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Built for Better Experience.

70% of freelancers appreciates technology for making

it easier for them to get jobs online.


65% of freelancers agree that people’s perceptions of

freelancing as a career have become more positive.


68% of freelancers found the quality of their lives

improved since they changed career paths to freelance.


The hub app for freelancers.

Turn your spare time into earnings with the Cretello admin console, built in partnership with Clients. Work whenever you want, no offices, no bosses. Sign up to work inside the Cretello admin.

With our Cretello admin you can build and keep in touch. Cretello makes business networking easy – connect with companies, industry experts and the Cretello community, wherever you are. Give your job search a boost by using our enhanced job plan to filter through the millions of job openings to find you.

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Become a Cretello Partner, to make more money.

Committed to making freelance Job easier.

We creating a lot in providing a platform to all the freelancers.


Anyone can easily understand each and everything about the admin.

Be your own boss

You get to choose when you freelance and where you are going to work.

Meet New People

You can meet a few new clients out of freelancing with Cretello.

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Cretello is a freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.


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